BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone

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BookBook, the original wallet case, has long been a Twelve South fan favorite. Now, hot off the press is our newest edition, BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone. What’s new with this update of our legendary case? A magnetic closure for better phone and wallet protection, a magnetic leather shell for easy separation of wallet and phone, and a safe space for your brand-new Apple Card. If you’re addicted to BookBooks, you know the story. If you’ve never owned a BookBook, read on to discover how this luxury case streamlines your everyday carry while protecting your iPhone.

What you’ll love about BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone:

  • Premium leather, all-in-one iPhone case, wallet and viewing stand
  • Fully removable magnetic leather iPhone shell
  • Built-in protective pocket for Apple Card or ID
  • Magnetic tab keeps phone and wallet closed
  • Holds bank cards and cash or receipts
    BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone

    This item is expected to begin shipping by late October 2020.


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    BookBook for iPhone 12 Coming Soon!

    Your everyday carry in one sophisticated case.

    No need to shell out money for a shell.

    At the gym and need your iPhone, but not your wallet? No problem. Held in place by powerful hidden magnets, the shell can be quickly removed - just pull it away from the wallet. And the beautiful leather-inlayed shell provides five-sided protection. It’s like getting two cases for the price of one.

    Special space for your Apple Card.

    The window slot inside BookBook beautifully showcases your titanium Apple Card, protects it from staining or fabric bleeds, and provides a slide-out for convenient removal of your card. That same window slot is also a perfect place for your ID.

    Part book. Part security blanket.

    Behind the vintage look of BookBook is the story of protecting modern technology. BookBook for iPhone has a 30 millimeter magnetic tab that keeps the case closed, protecting your phone and the contents of your wallet. Hardback book covers and a rigid spine protect your iPhone from scratches and impacts. The final chapter is stealthy security. BookBook disguises your iPhone as a vintage book, keeping your phone out of sight, even in plain sight.

    BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone Specs

    iPhone 11 Weight: 5.35 oz
    Height: 155mm (6.10 in)
    Width: 90mm (3.54 in)
    Depth: 23mm (0.90 in)
    iPhone 11 Pro Weight: 5.05 oz
    Height: 148mm (5.82 in)
    Width: 85mm (3.34 in)
    Depth: 23mm (0.90 in)
    iPhone 11 Pro Max Weight: 5.70 oz
    Height: 160mm (6.29 in)
    Width: 90mm (3.54 in)
    Depth: 23mm (0.90 in)

    BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone FAQs

    Strong magnets hold the iPhone shell inside the BookBook, and magnetic tabs on the side of the BookBook help keep the BookBook closed.

    Yes. The BookBooks vol 2 were designed to allow wireless charging without removing the iPhone from the shell. Just pull the shell from wallet and place it on your wireless charger.

    The window slot provides edge-to-edge protection, which has two benefits. It keeps the Apple Card stain-free, and it keeps the metal edges of the Apple Card away from your iPhone screen. Additionally, the window slot has a thumb-slide, allowing quick and easy access to your Apple Card.

    The new BookBook shell isn’t just better-looking than any of the versions that came before it; it’s also more protective. It is more flexible, helping mitigate damage from falls, and the iPhone is easier to remove from the shell compared to our previous versions.

    Yes, you will still be able to use your BookBook as a hands-free stand. Note, however, that when the BookBook is new, the crease in the back cover is stiff, so for the first few times, you will need to bend the cover along that crease to loosen it up to ensure the iPhone shell will stay attached to the back cover via the magnets.

    No, the magnets in the BookBook will not cause any issues for your iPhone or credit cards. The shell has metal plates in the top and bottom thirds that align with the magnets in the back cover. The shell has no magnets of its own, and the metal plates protect the iPhone from the magnets in the cover while still allowing Qi charging. As for credit cards, they are shielded from the magnets by the iPhone. And even with the iPhone removed from the BookBook and the case closed, they will not rest directly against the magnets in the back cover. However, it’s always recommended that they are placed in the slots with the magnetic strips safely facing the back of the slots.

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