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If you want to purchase Work-From-Home stands & accessories for your whole team, no problem. Just email us at and we’ll get right back in touch with you.

Does your team run on Mac? If so, designing an environment that inspires creativity and increases productivity is the ultimate goal. Here at Twelve South, we design beautiful accessories that not only streamline and de-clutter desktops, but bring out the best in your Mac-based workstations. By improving your team’s setup and optimizing the tools & gear that support their Macs, you will inevitably improve employee morale and subsequently, the output. Let us help you create the ultimate workspace by clicking the link below.

Have their back by protecting their neck.

All of our MacBook and iMac stands are ergonomically designed to reduce neck strain and make time in front of a computer more comfortable, meaning a higher level of productivity. Our HiRise and Curve stands are optimized for dual displays to improve focus while ParcSlope elevates MacBook by angling the keyboard to a more wrist-friendly typing position.

Designed to look as good as they function.

The first thing you will notice about Twelve South products is the design. Our goal is create products that will fit seamlessly into the modern spaces so many of our customers occupy. Twelve South stands are made from elegant brushed metal or nearly invisible lucite that look especially great with Apple devices. Along with improving ergonomics, Twelve South stands can give your office a more streamlined look, while helping declutter work surfaces.

How can we outfit your office?

We want to help you build the ultimate office environment by offering a business bundle savings program on our entire range of products. Creating a cleaner and more organized work space will inspire and deliver cleaner and more inspired work so get started now by clicking the below link. To make it completely personal, we also offer the option to add your company logo to almost any of our products, so please let us know if you’re interested in this option.

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